Whether you are looking for sandstone, granite, limestone, slate or concrete, you can be confident that we will have something that will meet the requirements of your project.

Adding paths is a simple and elegant way to transform your garden area. The professional path building services from GPS Construction gives you a variety of options including block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, natural paving stones, or paving slabs. Whatever look you envision for your garden, paths bring an extra dimension of beauty to the design.


Don’t let the apparent size of a job keep you from updating your driveway area. Our paving services bring quality, beauty, and superior craftsmanship to the outward appearance of your home and garden.

Our Driveway range includes a number of different colours, sizes and finishes so you can be sure to find a product to suit your house type – whether that’s contemporary or traditional. Many of the driveways also include additional features such as walling, edging, drainage and circles.


We are able to construct all sorts of fencing and walling such as feature archways, retaining walls, garden steps, sunken planters and much more.

Walls and fences are essential in defining boundaries and serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Whether needed independently or as part of a wider landscaping project, our skilled team can help you make the right choices and construct the appropriate barriers or retainers as needed.

Soft landscaping

GPS Construction can provide the complete landscape service from conception to completion, carried out with the care and professionalism you’ve come to expect from our dedicated, skilled and friendly team.

Softening the landscape is the job of plants, from turf to towering trees from minimal planting schemes consisting of a single specimen to massed planting in vast swathes of colour, the options are boundless.


Drainage is a critical part of every construction project, large or small. Yet all too often the specification of drainage systems, especially at the design stage, is either overlooked altogether or carried out as an afterthought.

Any area with impermeable surfaces needs careful drainage design to ensure efficient conveyance of surface water. To achieve this, the capacity of the drainage system must be designed to carry the expected flow at any point in the system, to prevent unwanted flooding.


Concrete is a quick and fairly easy way of creating a hard stand. It comes in many different mixtures depending on what job you are using it for, its a great foundation for walling and a brilliant for creating a nice polished workshop or garage floor.

Concrete is also a good material for a shed or summerhouse base. It’s versatility doesn’t stop there however, it can also be used to create paths, but it’s not quite as decorative as some of the other materials available.



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