Mr & Mrs Daynes came to us with a rough picture in their minds of what they wanted at the front of their property.

A hard working couple with a busy lifestyle, Mr and Mrs Daynes take pride in the money, time, and effort they have invested into their aesthetically perfect home. Before enlisting our help however, the couple admitted that they had treated their outside space with neglect, and it needed a makeover that would allow them to have something they could take pride in whilst suiting their busy lifestyle.

Mr and Mrs Daynes needed professional opinions and helpful advise, a service we were more than happy to provide. After a lengthy chat looking over products and designs, we came up with a project that incorporated Brett Four size Beta block; silver haze in colour, with large silver haze and charcoal border. This driveway style allowed easy access to the property and gave it the stylish look the exterior of their home needed.

After chatting to Mr & Mrs Daynes we found a shared desire for precision and accuracy, which they agreed we had achieved and put across from the offset of the project. It was a pleasure to work alongside the wonderful couple in order to finalise their dreams for their property.



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